I’m Paula Michelle Johnson and I’m here to share my mission

My Story

I'm Paula Michelle Johnson, and I'm honored and excited to hold your hand through this incredible journey we call the human condition. Like many, what brings me here today, to a place where I am driven with a purpose to offer hope and healing to as many people as I can, is the life-changing experience I have had of a personal tragedy. This is my mission. As a life coach and meditation guide, my commitment is to give you the tools to widely expand your unique journey. 

In 2009, I lost my 12 year old son, Josh, and 22 year old brother, Greg, as a result of a horrific car accident that made the local news and papers, complete with images of the devastating crash. The suffering I experienced in the wake of this loss can't be compared to anything I had ever experienced before or since. In fact, although I believe most parents have this possibility, the fear of losing a child, living in the background of their hearts and minds, that fear was nothing compared to what the pain was actually like. 

My first baby-step into healing happened when I resolved to write about the accident and the experience of watching my son die, after a few years had passed, and I was still in tremendous pain and feeling very isolated. At the time, I felt that perhaps putting it into words, and telling the story in raw detail, would unburden me to some small degree. To my amazement, within days hundreds of people had read and shared my story, and many reached out to me, thanking me for the courage to be honest about what this profound loss is really like. I didn't know exactly how or when it would happen, but I began to see then that there was a greater purpose in this experience that was beginning to unfold.  

What has transpired since has forever transformed my experience. Through my discoveries in meditation, I have not only unlocked clairvoyant and expansive abilities within my own being, I have also been gifted with the ability to assist many others who are suffering (in truth, this applies to all of us) and ready to experience healing by connecting with a greater reality.

Thank you for your openness. In light of whatever you are going through, there is an amazing purpose for your life, and incredible discoveries await you. 

All my love,

Paula Michelle Johnson

P.S. The original blog, "Losing Josh," is available to read, along with more articles I have written and shared along the way. Just click on my blog page to read on.